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The Duchy of Romagna (ロマーニャ公国 ?) is a country in southern Europe in the Strike Witches universe. It occupies the southern half of the Italian peninsula, the island of Sardinia and presumably the islands of Sicily. It is the setting for Strike Witches Season 2.

Their nation's insignia seems to be a green, white, and red flag with the white portion making a cross shape, like a combination of the Italian flag and the Savoy emblem.

Romagnan Witches

  1. Giovanna Bonet
  2. Giuseppina Cenni (507th)
  3. Martina Crespi (504th)
  4. Federica N. Doglio (504th)
  5. Una Drago
  6. Francesca Lucchini (501st)
  7. Fernandia Malvezzi (504th)
  8. Teresa Martinoli
  9. Luciana Mazzei (504th)
  10. Carla Ruspoli
  11. Aurora Sanson
  12. Enrica Tarantola
  13. Luisa Torchio
  14. Adriana Visconti (506th)