The Sky Which is Connected to You (キミとつながる空? Kimi to Tsunagaru Sora), often referred to as "Strike Witches 1.5", is a manga that was published in Nyantype magazine. Additionally, a Tankoubon version with all eight chapters was published by Kadowaka at the end of September, 2010. It spans the time between the two seasons of the Anime. It covers the activities of the various members of the 501st after it was disbanded following the destruction of the Neuroi Hive above Gallia.

The first chapter is set in Gallia, and follows Perrine and Lynne as they work to rebuild the ruined country.

The second and third chapter focus on Shirley and Lucchini as they travel across North Africa.

The fourth chapter focuses on Eila and Sanya at the frontier of Suomus as they travel towards Orussia to search for Sanya's parents.

In the fifth and sixth chapters, Erica, Trude and Minna investigate a disturbance over Karlsland.

In Chapter Seven, Mio and Kuroe Ayaka have a friendly duel over Fuso.

In the eighth Chapter, Perrine and Lynne are visiting Fuso. They accompany the Major and Yoshika to a hotspring, where they catch up on the things they have done since the dissolving of the 501st.


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