Jane T. Godfrey
Jane T. Godfrey


17 (end of 1944)

Date of Birth:

March 28 1927


Liberion Army 8th Air Force
504th Joint Fighter Wing


Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:

P-51B, P-51D


Browning M2



Jane T. Godfrey (ジェーン・T・ゴッドフリー?) is a Witch of the 504th Joint Fighter Wing, originating from Liberion.

Based on John T. Godfrey.


Her birthplace is a metropolis on Liberion's East Coast. An ordinary person whose personality causes her to keep getting overwhelmed from every direction, perhaps due to her relatively untroubled upbringing in a middle-class family.

Despite having no intention of becoming a flight Witch, she was assigned to Army aviation corps via her aptitude test results.

For a short period of time, she carried out her duties indifferently. Meeting Flight Lieutenant Gentile, from the same unit, was a turning point for her.

She had this to say the first time she teamed up with Gentile:

"When we came across enemies, she charged right in before even getting an idea of how many there were, and kept going at them. Every time we were surrounded and I thought that'd be the end of us, somehow or other we'd make our way through. It was like magic."

On the other hand, Flight Lieutenant Gentile requested for Godfrey to permanently be her wingman to their superiors, on the grounds that they had excellent compatibility in aerial combat.

Initially bewildered by such coercion, she gradually settled into her role as Gentile's right-hand woman ("wife's role" to be very literal, probably deliberate and in line with previous comments on Twitter) both in public and private.

It might be that the one most shocked by Gentile, whose impulsiveness often startles those around her, is "Ordinary Person" Godfrey who has to follow her around.


"Has our Don gotten into something again?!" - Twitter, July 24

"Don! Did you mess up somewhere 'again'!" - digital bs tuners profile



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