Helma Lennartz


13 (end of 1944)

Date of Birth:

October 10


Karlsland Air Force, Erprobungskommando 131 "Halb" 3. Staffel


Flight Sergeant


147 cm

Striker Unit:

Me 262 A-1a


MK 108
MG 42
MG 131


Black Cat

Helma Lennartz (ヘルマ・レンナルツ?) is a Witch from Karlsland.

Based on Helmut Lennartz.


A member of the evaluation squad currently performing tests on the new etherjet strikers (commonly known as jet strikers).

Ever since the inception of the Preliminary Evaluation Squadron (Erprobungskommando), the squadron has been assembling accomplished and even elite veteran aces from all over the Karlsland Air Force. At only 13 years of age, and with a relatively short military career, Lennartz's selection was something of an oddity.

Overly serious and methodical, with a somewhat meddlesome personality, Lennartz even nags at the senior aces' personal lifestyle, and how they have to hold up their image as air infantry and be a role model for the entire military. Of course, she gets brushed off immediately afterwards, but she is adored by her fellow squadron members as a sort of squadron mascot, especially with the expression she puts on after being ignored.

Lennartz's kill count does not particularly stand out within the Karlslander Air Force, but nearly 70% of her victories were made in a jet Striker, and a large number of those victories were against large-scale Neuroi bombers. Thus, there are high expectations for her to become an ace of the new generation.

Her role model as a witch is Flight Lieutenant Gertrud Barkhorn. Due to this, Flight Lieutenant Hartmann nicknamed her as "mini-Trude".



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