Aleksandra I. Pokryshkin
Aleksandra i pokryshkin


16 (end of 1944)

Date of Birth:

March 6 1928


Orussian Army Counter-Air Aviation
502nd Joint Fighter Wing


Flight Lieutenant



Striker Unit model:

MiG i-225


DP28 Light Machine gun
PTRS1941 Anti-tank Rifle


Polar Bear

Voiced By:

Hara Yumi (Japanese)
Monica Rial (English)

Aleksandra Ivanovna Pokryshkin (アレクサンドラ・I・ポクルイーシキン?, Александра Ивановна Покрышкина) is a witch of the 502nd Joint Fighter Wing, Captain from the Orussian Army's 216th Fighter Aviation Regiment, and Orussia's top flying ace. She is referred to as "Sasha" by her friends.

Her familiar is the polar bear.


Orussia's top Ace. She serves as the 502nd JFW combat commander. She is known for being a great commander and tactician. She is mostly active on the front lines in the south, and flies repainted brown MiG-60 striker units.

Thanks to her engineer father, she became familiar with mechanics early in her childhood and her mechanical skill is topnotch. In modern language you might say she has something of a "mecha fetish".

Thanks to her personal military achievements, and her textbook tactical execution of the evacuations of Karlsland and Orussia, she is highly valued as a combat instructor. Very enthusiastic about sharing information and tactics between different combat units.

The 502nd's primary duties are the recovery of Karlsland territories and serving as the frontline defense for the rest of Europe from enemy aggression. This, in addition to the "vigorous fighting spirit" of her unit's witches leads to an extremely high attrition rate for strikers.

Because of the Orussian evacuation efforts she constantly struggles to get equipment, even from Liberion who are providing supplies; the fact that every time her unit sorties someone manages to destroy a striker unit proves to be a massive headache.


Aleksandra's inherent magical ability is known as "Image Memorization"; when her magical ability is used it allows her to remember and never forget anything and potentially everything from complicated Technical Plans to her breakfast 10 years ago; though this is only the case when she uses her magic on when she views and experiences things; upon activating her ability in such instances she will remember and never forget. Her ability provides her with many technical details to a degree better, deeper and more technical than from normal recollection of memory for most people, possibly even better than photographic memory as she can remember such details and experiences easily and at will if she uses her magic to recall such details and events.

This ability is indispensable in a strategic and tactical level as well as for study and practical repair of equipment and machinery, including having prior experience repairing strikers thanks to the use of her magical ability. However due to the many accidents and crashes Nipa is involved in she mostly uses her magical ability for the repair of Nipa's striker the most, with very little application of her magical ability in combat use as a consequence.


Aleksandra is structured and sometimes perfectionistic, often acting as foil to the hijinks of Krupinski and the carelessness of Katajainen. With Nikka, Aleksandra is portrayed as especially close; despite the constant headache of having to repair Nikka's broken units, it has brought them together in a certain "care-taker" sort of way.

Ace Archetype

Aleksandra is based on Russian ace Alexander Ivanovich Pokryshkin, who was nicknamed "Engineer" when he was a teenager.